If an idea has never been done before, it's probably not a good one.

Every idea can be referenced. If not overtly, then at least the feeling or vibe. Mood is just as more important than genre. There's always a song that goes perfectly with a moment or a moment that can be explained perfectly through a song.

"It's kind of like that one scene in Lost In Translation" or "the A$AP Rocky video in Tokyo" or "What was that stupid Coke commercial that came out when we were in high school?"

I'm a writer and creative based in Brooklyn, NY.
Currently full-time at R/GA working on Nike.

In my past life, I've worked at Anomaly, Wieden + Kennedy NY, Mother New York and 72andSunny Los Angeles.

I studied Journalism at the University of Oregon and was born in Hawaii. 

I run a fantasy football league, an online FIFA league and a real life basketball team. I've been trying to get this plastic parrot party business off since college. I will never let this art project die.

Get at me: nicksugai@gmail.com

ps - If you happen to be Alex Morgan, read this


You didn't ask, but here are my five favorite films:

1) Lost In Translation
2) The Godfather
3) Boyhood
4) Arrival
5) Manhattan