"Food as it should be" is the culmination of months of long nights and weekends. We covered the entire gamut of how we should talk about food. Simply, we wanted to get back to how we really feel when we eat. The satisfaction of warm soup after a long day. The laughter or tears or argument across a table. The joy of eating. 

To me, it wasn't so much about origin of the food or what was in the food, it was how that food made you feel. Was it delicious? Did you catch up with an old friend? Did you make a new friend?

The print work above embodies the spirit of this campaign. The short film to the left is an idea we concepted to communicate Panera's very ambitious stance on food to America.

The people who worked on this campaign were some of the best I've worked with in the industry.

It should be noted that I did not personally write this Anthem :60. That role belongs to the wonderfully talented, Simon Phillion. However, I thought it was important to include as it was the end product of a long six months that we all worked on. Watching this for the first time, instilled that same kind ambition I had when I first got into advertising. When the work is good, the work's good.

Partner: Andrew W. Kay
Creative Director:
Keiji Ando