I tried to see how the other side lived, or in other words: I went in-house to a fitness and performance brand. It was a massive learning experience and the bulk of my creative work was launching and branding a high-end gym from scratch. 

We founded Performix House on a very simple insight. The familiar: "a chain is only as strong as its weakest link." So if you skip a set or you miss an hour of sleep in April, it'll have long lasting effects on reaching your goal in July.  In order to be successful, You have to own every single detail. No detail, rep, gram of protein or wink of sleep is irrelevant on your way to greatness. 

That's how we landed on:

We had a very limited production budget to launch so we hinged the creative on two things: the diverse set of personalities that make up Performix House and hard hitting physical installations that motivate, hype members up, and give FOMO to broke normies who can't afford to drop $$$$ on a gym.


Throughout Performix House we installed multiple IG-ready moments where people could stay motivated and share their workout progress with their followers.

The first time we installed it we installed it wrong, so we had to take a razor blade and scrape every single number off the wall. That was sick.

If you walked by 14th and 5th you were subjected to two cryptic phrases reminding people that Control Is Not An Illusion. Siiiiick. 🤘🏽


In the ten months I worked here I got to work with PROPER villians, learned how to do a 52" standing box jump, how hard it is to open a gym, and that I secretly want to be a fitness influencer.