Through the ages, every single human has dealt with the idea of “Failure”. It manifests itself as doubt, or imposter syndrome, or fear. It haunts equally, young and old, at every level.

Klay Thompson, three-time NBA champion, meets his nemesis, Failure, on the beach.

In an homage to one of the most iconic films of all time, The Seventh Seal, we worked with Nicolas Winding Refn and Michael K Williams, two auteurs in their own right, to create what is my proudest achievement in the industry.

I’m shocked and thankful everyday that Kaiser took a swing to create this film₁
to highlight the importance of attending to your mental health. Train the mind. The body will follow.

Beach 2.jpg

Partner: Dylan Simel
Creative Directors:
Alex Kaplan / Barry Katz

₁ FILM: Yes, FILM. To quote NWR, “Nobody complained ever complained a movie was too short” re: this 60 second movie. So, like any good film, we created a movie poster and sent it to fifty sports influencers and journalists.