Illustrator: Gaby D'alessandro

Prior to Anomaly and Panera, I still looked at social as throw away briefs, despite making some fun work early in my career. While the industry and marketers are still exponentially out of touch, I think I've finally come to a good area of understanding the kind opportunity social can create. 

Not everything has to be an ad. 

We wrote food related horoscopes, loosely based on actual expert astrology reports for the time. We tweeted them out. We worked really hard to have it be free of a Panera logo. We won.

Panera has regular fans. And then they have Super Fans. Fiercely loyal and obsessive about anything Panera. We were asked to find a way to treat them and say thanks for the undying sports team like devotion. We found their favorite Panera food item and created custom posters for them. 

I wrote little odes and poems, some more bizarre and some whimsical.

We printed them out and shipped them to unsuspecting Panera Super Fans. 

It's awesome and unsettling to know that my words sit on the wall of a random twenty-five-year-old in St. Louis, Missouri. 


the most versatile fruit in the game.
there are many ways to say its name.
diced, stewed, wedged, or whole
when it hangs out in your soul bowl
it feeds your soul.
to-may-to, to-mah-to
it all tastes the same to me.
vine ripened to perfection we can all agree.


while the other greens are tucked safely away
kale is patrolling the city,
keeping the citizens safe.
its rescuing cats from trees and helping old ladies cross the street.
while the other greens are relaxing,
kale is solving complex math problems that have baffled society for centuries.
this is the life of the most valuable vegetable.


does my baguette fit in my bag?
should I bring my baguette to this picnic?
will this baguette go with my outfit?
can i pretend to play this baguette like a flute?
oui oui.
you want me to give you this whole baguette? 

je t'aime baguette.


a beautiful, red strawberry taste like summer.
like the sweetness of having nothing to do today.
like the warmth of the afternoon light, casting into the night.
like a refreshing breeze under the shade.
a strawberry tastes like summer is never going to end.


the trees of vegetables.
it provides shade for all the other foods on the table.
a baby carrot can sit under a broccoli tree.
an adult corn can take a nap against its branches.
and lettuce can rest on its canopy.
but the leaves, the leaves are for humans to eat.


mmm, mmm, macaroni.
all the other pastas seem like phonies.
the hardest working noodle on your plate.
macaroni is really the pasta chief of state.
when you get together with your BFF,
cheese, you two really are the bee's knees.

Illustrator: YONIL